Amazon SES account suspended?

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Amazon SES account suspended

Got suspended notice from Amazon..?
Amazon Simple Email Service Sending Suspended Due to Critical Issue…….?
Amazon SES account suspended in region ………..?
Your Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES) sending privileges have been suspended, effective immediately. … ?

Don’t worry about Amazon SES account suspension as you are a Sendy user. We have its solution. You can continue to use your Sendy software.

Option One

Spartpost is email service provider similar to Amazon SES and you can use same Sendy installation for Sparkpost also. You can sign up for Sparkpost account here.

Next is verify sending domain in Sparkpost account. To track bounces and spam complaints, you have to configure webhooks in Sparkpost. Please check Sparkpost Webkooks requirements here.

Option Two

What you need for this option. You need to purchase a VPS from any hosting. We will move your Sendy software to new VPS. Our Sendy API will process bounce, track all bounced email address and update in report. Spam Complaint will not work on this API.

Amazon SES account suspended

Other Options are:

Integrate sendy with Sparkspot. More details..

Integrate sendy with Mandrill. More details..


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