Amazon SES production access

Amazon SES production access
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Amazon SES production access

Amazon account can be in two states: in the sandbox, or out of the sandbox.

“In the sandbox” means two things:

1) You can only send to verified email addresses and domains, and

2) Your sending limits are set to their starting values, which is a sending quota of 200 emails per 24-hour period, and a maximum send rate of 1 email per second. None of that has changed.

You can click this link to go directly to production access page. There you can see one page just like below images.

Remember that sending limits apply to each region separately. There are 3 regions in SES US East (N. Virginia), US West(Oregon) and EU (Ireland). You’ll need to submit a separate request for each regions if you want to use 3 at same time. One mailer software can use one region. The website URL is optional field.

Amazon SES production access
Amazon SES production access

You will confirmation mail from Amazon regarding Production access. Amazon taking a strict verification for production access. Once they denied your request, then no luck to get access again in that account.

It will take minimum 5 hours to get a response on production access.

If your existing quota is not adequate for your needs and the system has not automatically increased your quota, you can open an SES Sending Limits Increase case in Support Center.

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