Backup Sendy Mysql database

Setup Sendy install
1-2 hours
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Backup Sendy Mysql database

Backup Sendy Mysql database script for scheduled database backup.Furthermore, it lets you store, restore and automate your MySQL backups keep number of backups you specified.

It has the following features:

  • Create a backups
  • Email a backups
  • Delete a backups
  • Schedule backups
  • Restore  backups

Server stores backup files as  ZIP compression format with a time stamp  for download later if required. Further, List Backups All backups are listed in an easy to navigate structure with their backup date and time. You can easily download backup files to disk or delete from the server with the click of a button.

Keep maximum backup will purge the backup files stored on the server for a specified number of backups.

CRON Compatible Automatically backup database as Hourly, Daily, Weekly and Monthly.

Backup Sendy Mysql database

Installation:  Free

Installation time: 1 Hour Max

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