DigitalOcean server setup

DigitalOcean server setup
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DigitalOcean server setup

DigitalOcean is a cheap, fast, and flexible option for hosting web applications. We can configure web server in to host your websites.  After DigitalOcean server setup you can host any websites like wordpress, joomla, drupal..etc

Create Droplet

Start by using the Digital Ocean interface to create a droplet – it’s that big green button in the upper right. Simply pick a name for your Droplet, and choose a size based on price and server needs. Next, select a Region where your VPS will be located. It’s best to pick a region that is going to serve your target audience the best. If the server is for development purposes only, pick one that is located closest to you.  Lastly you will need to select an Operating system to install. DigitalOcean lets you choose from a wide variety of stock Linux distributions, as well as complete Applications and even prior saved snapshots.

DigitalOcean server setup

Installation Requirements

  • We need DigitalOcean login details or Droplet ssh access.
  • Website name to configure in server.

We can install any control panel as per your requirement. There is an additional charge for control panel installation.

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