Script for Mysql database backup

Script for Mysql database backup
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Script for Mysql database backup

Simple MySQL Backup and Restore software backups your MySQL databases automatically. Additionally, you can also configure unlimited number of databases with separate backup interval that allow you to set separate number of backup. Furthermore,  every configuration can done easily using the administration panel. In essence, simple installation setup sets up this software. A CRON compatible file is included that allows you to automate MySQL backups easily. Furthermore, Software will run automatically after the database details are entered and cron job is set. Restore your database with only a few steps to a previous restore point.

The script setup is very easy:

  • Unzip the files and upload to the root of the server.
  • To install open link
  • Now you can find cron command to set in Configure page. Here “0 * * * *” is running interval and it is almost an hour.Moreover  Remaining is cron command to add in cron jobs.


  • Simple step for installation and configuration.
  • Administration panel can set complete configuration.
  • Can handle unlimited databases backup and restore.
  • Single cron job for all databases.
  • Optional email notification after backup complete.
  • Manual database backup or restore from local or remote server.
  • Separate backup up interval can be set for each database.
  • Separate number can be set for keep backup files for each database.
  • Upload backup file to restore in any databases.

List All Backups

This option will list all databases on one page that you have to add. Moreover you can sort, search from table.

Database details

This page lists all database details. Here we can edit database details as well as Delete database details, manually backup and restore database by uploading backup dump file.

Manual Backup

This page allows to enter database detail then you to get manually backup any database.

Manual Restore

This page also allows to restore database by uploading backup dump file.


In this page you can change all details related to this software. Furthermore, here we can change Full name, User name, Password, Company name, Footer details, Mail notification details and Time zone.

Demo :

Login : admin

Pass : admin

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