Send bulk SMS messages via Amazon SNS

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Send bulk SMS messages via Amazon SNS

We have a self hosted SMS sending application that lets you send SMS via Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS). This makes you to send bulk SMS at cheap price.

What are the key benefits ?

Apart from being a highly flexible and easy to configure method of sending, segmenting and reporting on Push Notifications and SMS message campaigns, there is one major feature of Amazon’s Simple Notification Service that sets it apart from the competition.
Unlike platform-specific means of notification management, Amazon SNS is designed so you don’t have to build your notification service multiple times for each individual platform you’re intending on utilising (i.e. Android, iOS or Windows). This of course reduces development time and decreases cost offering major benefits to cross-platform marketers, allowing you to build leaner and release product updates in accordance with rapid product development methodologies.

By utilizing the feature set of Amazon’s SNS, customers are able to interact with SNS from multiple device platforms using a single code base. This benefit alone is a huge step forward in the mobile notification arena and one we feel makes this product a great option for multi-platform developers.

Other benefits of Amazon’s Simple Notification Service (SNS) include:

Comprehensive product documentation and support
Access to advanced message analytics and segmented data reporting using AWS CloudWatch
Usage-based pricing for enterprise customers
Extensive protocol and platform support
Scalable architecture

So what does SNS currently cost?

Amazon as an organization regularly update their pricing pages, however it’s important to note that unlike the majority of market providers often reduce their cost of services depending upon uptake, so it’s reasonable to assume that the costs we’re quoting today may drop.

If you’re sending out large SMS volumes, Amazon offers negotiable rates to customers sending more than 3 million SMS messages per month. For the average marketer this won’t be an option, however we feel the standard pricing is reasonable enough considering the likely ROI you’ll if you begin to use SNS is unison with CloudWatch and segmented Publish-subscribe topics.

Summing up Amazon SNS

With just a small amount of code in your mobile application you’ll soon be able to communicate with Amazon’s Simple Notification Service and start sending out targeted Push Notifications and SMS messages to individuals, segmented groups and via broadcast messages to your entire list.

Please do live chat for pricing and other details.

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