SendCamps Amazon SES Mailer

SendCamps Amazon SES Mailer
1-2 hours
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SendCamps Amazon SES Mailer

Are you looking for an SES Mailer for your email marketing then you are at right place. Our SendCamps Amazon SES Mailer may fulfill your requirements. SendCamps SES Mailer is a web based email newsletter application that is not only cheap but also comes with awesome functionalities.  This lets you send and track emails via Amazon Simple Email Service (SES). Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES) is a cheap email service when it comes to pricing in comparison to all other online mail delivery services.

Install Sendy Amazon SES

Features of SendCamps SES-Mailer

  • Easy to use with a clean design (You can see in live demo)
  • WYSIWYG Editor (Easy to create and edit news letters)
  • Fast importing of email contacts (Up to 10,000 mails per minute) as well as Single click email contacts exporting (One window for all tracking)
  • Sendcamps support high speed delivery (Support 500 mails per minute)
  • Chart for Statistics(Bar chart is included for statistics)
  • Full web based installer (Installation page is available)
  • Dynamic Data Tables (Easy to search table contents)
  • Timezone for all users (Can set time zone separately for users)
  • Multiple user support (Multi user with mail quota, statistics )
  • Separate Statistics, Email list for each users
  • Track Bounced address and Spam Complaints (Using Amazon SNS)


SendCamps Amazon SES Mailer

Installation Requirements:-

Live web site cpanel (or ssh) login details with one Mysql database, Sender email address and Amazon Login details. Unless you have production access, you can send only 200 mails per day and sender and receiver address to be verified. Please Request production access so that you can enjoy maximum privileges of this service. It will not take more than 6-7 hours. You can upload contacts, create campaigns and additionally test campaign to verified email address.

Like Interspire EMail Marketer, it identically has same email sending procedure.Here are steps by step details.
  1. Create Email List.
  2. Import or Add contacts to lists
  3. Create email Campaign
  4. Start mail sending or Schedule mail sending.
Price for this script 20$ Only.
Free installation and Live chat support.
License life time validity.

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