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Setup Sendy install
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Sendy Forum FAQs

Sendy Forum FAQs

A self hosted email newsletter sending application. This lets you send traceable emails via Amazon Simple Email Service (SES). This makes you to send authenticated bulk emails at an insanely low price. Sendy Forum FAQs will help to troubleshoot your Sendy related all issues.

Q: How to setup Sendy

Just follow Get Started Guide to get up and running.

Q: How to Update Sendy

Sendy continually make better and better Download updates from here

Q: How to change Sendy license key

Login to sendy click on contact at bottom right corner.

Q: How to add unsubscribe link in Sendy

Go to Create Campaign or Edit Campaigns page, Click on Source button Add “<unsubscribe>Unsubscribe here</unsubscribe>

Sendy Compatibility checklist page for blank page error


mod_rewrite is enabled, still getting 404 error

Too many reasons, please chat with support

How to set language translation to Sendy

Upload language file to locale folder in sendy root folder

Sendy 500 internal server error

Too many reasons, please chat with support

Sendy 403 forbidden

You need to turn off mod_security on your server

Sendy 404 Error

Issue with .htaccess file in server.

Sendy email importing users stuck at 0%

Issue with cron job command

After login Sendy redirect to login page

Too many reasons, please chat with support

Sendy Lost password

Please use forgot password, Please contact live support for reset password via FTP.

Sendy The requested URL /login was not found on this server

Mod_rewrite not working in this server.

Sendy We’ve detected that bounces or complaints have not been setup.

Check lists: –

  • User of AWS keys has Amazon SES and SNS full permission.
  • Sendy region and SES region and SNS regions are same.
  • Set Bounces and Complaints in SNS with proper url
  • Check status of Topic in SNS. Status not “PendingConfirmation”

Sendy Domain pending verification

Try _amazonses [Don’t add domain name in NAME part]

sendy Outgoing connections is blocked

  • CurlSSL wasn’t installed
  • Space in front of license key
  • whitelist and
  • Change session.save_path and give full permission

Q: How to create IAM Credentials

A: Watch this video


Other Useful links

Install Sendy Amazon-ses

Sendy smtp bounce handler

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