Sendy Integrating Sendgrid

Sendy Integrating Sendgrid
1-2 hours
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Sendy Integrating Sendgrid

Sendy has great integration with Amazon SES, but, now also support using Sendgrid SMTP. We will set Sendgrid to send mails from your Sendy.Furthermore,  this integration includes configuring Bounce and Spam Complaints using Sendgrid webhooks. So you can record reports of bounced email address and spam complaints same as sending via Amazon SES.


Sendgrid provides email delivery services as well as transnational email for developers at companies of all sizes. The Sendgrid email marketing service offers your mail hits the inbox, live analytics to review, track and optimize your email activities, as well as highest performance.

About Sendy
A self hosted email newsletter sending application. Moreover, this lets you send traceable emails via Amazon Simple Email Service (SES). This makes you to send authenticated bulk emails at an insanely low price. Install Sendy Amazon SES required just 1 hour maximum.

Sendy Integrating Sparkpost

Sendy Sendgrid integration requirements:-

Sendy login details.
Sendgrid Login details.
FTP login details.

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