Sendy Ready Hosting

Sendy Ready Hosting Service allows you to start mailing with just Amazon SES account, domain name and Sendy license key. We will give you access to the pre installed Sendy application where you can add your license and start using Sendy.

Our hosting server specifications:

  • 1GB RAM
  • One Core CPU
  • 30GB Hard disk space
  • 2TB Monthly data transfer

We installed latest version of Sendy. All the Sendy instances are setup separately for each customer on their own domain. Our support team will configure Sendy bounce and complaints your Amazon SES.

Our support includes:

Domain verification, Email verification, DKIM and SPF record setup, Cron setup for Schedule mailCSV upload and  auto responder.

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Installation Charge : 10$
Monthly Hosting Charge : 5$
Support : Free