Sendy verify email lists

Sendy verify email lists
1-2 hours
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Sendy Verify E-Mail lists

We introduce a Sendy addon that help you verify all uploaded lists.

What is the way to check the existing mails in bulk in Sendy Email marketing tool

High bounce rates will suspend your Amazon SES account and it is very hard to get an Amazon account with production access.  So best solution is reduce bounce rate. Our addon with help you in this case. Sendy verify email lists will verify all lists uploaded in Sendy.

Requirements: Signup on The low cost email verification & list cleaning service..

Then purchase our Addon. Its pricing is only 10$ including installation charge. gives 100 free email verification without adding credit card details.

The verification results classified in 4 groups. Deliverable, Undeliverable, Risky and Unknown.

Sendy verify email lists

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