Set spf record dkim email inbox delivery

Set spf record dkim email inbox delivery
1 hour
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Set SPF record DKIM email inbox delivery

I can setup ​SPF Record DKIM for Email marketing server. This will help go to direct inbox and No spam.
You can test result, DKIM and SPF will be pass in email status. There are many other reasons to going mail to spam. Set spf record dkim email inbox delivery need 1-2 hours for install. We use Mail-tester for testing mails.

Set spf record dkim for email inbox delivery

DomainKey Identified Mail (DKIM) and Sender Policy Framework (SPF) are two methods that can protect you from email spamming, spoofing, and phishing attempts. The SPF method lets you specify which email servers are legitimate servers for your domain. The DKIM method lets you attach a DomainKey signature to your outgoing mail. The receiving server then verifies the validity of the key and either accepts or rejects the mail.

Installation Requirements:-

  • DNS access
  • Mail client access to send test mails.

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