Setup Sendy install

Setup Sendy install
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Install Sendy Amazon SES

About Sendy:
Sendy is not only a self hosted email newsletter sending application but it also allows you send traceable emails via Amazon Simple Email Service (SES). Similarly, this makes you to send authenticated bulk emails at an insanely low price. Setup Sendy install in summary includes create instance and Deploy Operating system. All in all, sendy is the most cheap service with full functionalities available service in the market.

Try software demo here.

Setup Sendy install

Sendy Installation Requirements

  • Serial number is required (If you don’t have license, please purchase from
  • Live web site login details with one Mysql database.
  • Sender email address and Amazon Login details. We install sendy on nginx or WAMP installed servers.

Sendy support SMTP mailing server. Similarly, we can send mails using any SMTP server. You can purchase email credits from sites like Sparkpost, Turbo-smtp or Mandril-smtp.

Amazon SES pricing

Amazon is charged at not only cheaper price ($0.10 per 1,00 email) but also with full fledge functionalities as its competitors with high prices offer. In summary, they consider a single content email as one email to a single recipient.

Install Sendy Amazon SES

Install Sendy on Amazon SES includes:

  • Sendy installation in your web hosting.
  • Bounce and Complaints setup.
  • Cron for CSV mail, CSV upload and auto-responder.

Installation requirements.

  • Amazon login :
  • Sendy License key :
  • Web hosting login (cPanel login) :
  • Domain name(website name):
  • Sendy software url :

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