Track Email Opens Clicks Bounces and Unsubscribes

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Track Opens, Clicks, Bounces and Unsubscribes

Our system automatically tracks the response rate for your email, and you can access this data either through the Reports area of your Home or through the Sent Emails tab within the Emails section. Each individual email has its own dashboard from where you can look over detailed stats. What do we track?Reporting Graph

Your total opens, open % and individual openers. Opens measure how many people opened your email upon delivery. We track this based on whether or not an invisible tracking image within the email was loaded by the recipient. Since many email browsers turn images off by default (requiring end users to click a link to view images in the email they receive), only those people interested enough in the email to turn the images on – or those people who do not have this restriction on their own inbox – will be reported as an open if they open the email. The need for an image also means that opens for plain text emails cannot be tracked.

We don’t track opens twice, so no matter how many times a recipient opens your email, they’ll still only count as one open.

Total clicks, click % and individual clickers. The total number of clicks displayed in the report quite simply shows exactly how many times each link within the email has been clicked. Even if one person clicks a single link several times, each of those clicks will be counted individually (the opposite of how opens are treated).
You can see exactly how each link performed, and also see which links each individual recipient clicked.

Total bounces, bounce % and individual bouncers. If an address bounces, it means the email could not be delivered to that address. We process bounces on your behalf to make sure you don’t mail bad addresses again (or pay to mail them). You can still access this data in your reports, though.

Bounces are broken into two categories:

Hard Bounces – Bounces that very clearly state the email could not be delivered (i.e. “user unknown”, “no user mailbox here”, etc). We mark these as bounced within the account immediately.

Soft Bounces – Bounces that are caused by an apparent temporary error. We try to deliver these for three days – if the message still can’t be delivered after this period the address remains mail able in the account as the delivery issue is temporary and should resolve by the next time you send an email.